Template of Business Invoice

Business invoice as we know the significant documents, which works as a proof that any transactions between the business and with other party has taken place. The business invoice is issued to every such person, or the client body which has made any transactions with the business in the form of buying the goods from the business entity.

Business invoice is mandatory to be issued by every business organization to its customers, who buys the goods or receives the services from the business organization.

This invoice can be used as a proof of purchase by the customers to avail the warranty or settle any dispute regarding the ownership of the goods.

So, seeing the significant importance of the business invoice we are here offering you the template of the business invoice.

You can get it from here and use in your own business you can see the characteristics of this template below.

  • The image PNG format of this template is also available for your other use.
  • You can make changes to this template using the MS word software.
  • This template has been designed using the PDF format hence you can easily access and transfer this template to other devices.

For More Premium Printable Templates and Invoice Templates Click Here.

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Monthly Menu Planner Template

If you are looking for Monthly Meal Planner then you can download the templates from here.

Printable Monthly Menu Planner

Printable Monthly Meal Planner

Monthly Meal Planner For excel  


Weekly menu template 


weekly menu template





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Monthly Planner Template Sample

Hello folks! you can download a free monthly planner template sample to help you keep up with the important things.

Monthly Planner Format

Blank Monthly Planner Template

Monthly Planner Template Sample


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Get Free SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis is a helpful system for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for distinguishing both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you confront.

And from here you will get SWOT analysis template.

 What is SWOT Analysis

Internal External SWOT Analysis

How to Do a SWOT Analysis


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Weekly Planner Template Sample

Hello peeps! If you are looking for weekly planner template than its the right place. Here we are providing you weekly planner template sample you can download it from here.

Weekly Meal Planner Sample

Weekly Planner Schedule Templates


Weekly Planner Template  Blank

Printable Weekly Planner Template Sample


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BMI Chart Templates Download

BMI is the acronym of the Body Mass Index. BMI measures body fat on the basis of body weight with respect to height of that person. Calculating BMI not fully but a good indicator of your present health state. Factors like age, sex have no importance in the Printable BMI Table.

Get BMI Chart

BMI chart gives you a rough calculation and also tell you which range of the BMI is good and healthy. If you are in that range or set then your health is good. But if your BMI go beyond that set or below that set then it must be taken care of and you should work on your physical health.


What is BMI formula

BMI = x Kg/ (yM * yM)

x=weight of body in kilograms

y=height of person in meters

So, if we want to express this in words, we can say BMI is the ratio of the body weight in kg by the height in meter square.

BMI Equation

Unit of BMI is KG/M2

Using the BMI Formula in KG we can calculate values of the BMI and can easily compare it with BMI standard values. You can easily determine then whether you are healthy, underweight or overweight.

We understood the BMI Chart Templates. Using this BMI values now we will determine whether we are underweight, overweight or healthy.

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Free Download Blank SWOT Analysis Template Word

As we know about SWOT-

S define strength,

W define weakness,

O define opportunities and

T define threats

from here you can download blank SWOT analysis

swot analysis



Blank SWOT Analysis Template Word 


Blank SWOT Analysis Template Word

Blank SWOT Analysis Template for Excel

Here you can download blank SWOT analysis template for excel

How to Create A SWOT Analysis

from here yow will know how to create SWOT analysis and you can download the sample




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5+ Free Weekly Planner Templates Sample

The article says about the weekly planner templates weekly planner templates are those in which you can record your day to day activities in a systematic way It is the one of the important things for the persons life. It works as a time saver.



weekly planner helps you to manage your time in efficient way it also organise your work which is very useful for persons in todays life




These templates are available in different and unique style and also in different and unique formats




weekly planner templates will help you to arrange your work in a systematic way


Daily planner template

It will help you to stay organised

Daily planner template

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Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale recognize the transaction that occurs between the buyer and the seller. Bill of sale template is downloadable free of charge. This template has been provided online and that too gratuitously so that it will be available to all. This bill of sale is an important part of any business and accounting. This helps business to easily track down all the transactions and helps them to tackle any hindrances. They can give proof about all the transactions. Whether you are going to purchase any thing, you should ask the seller to make the bill of sale. This helps the government to easily track the transactions occurring in the business, this helps to reduce the illegal and unethical transactions and behavior.

Bill Of Sale Word Template

Bill Of Sale Word Template 

This is the general Bill of sale template. This template is generally used everywhere and is the most common. The specimen of this template is the most used one. In any transaction there is at least involvement of 2 persons are required. It is necessary to transact or exchange if we have to survive in this world and to record that exchange is also necessary for future reference.

Bill Of Sale Template For Car

The bill of sale template for car or any vehicle is little different from the general bill of sale template. This bill of sale template for car has been provided here free of charge.

Bill Of Sale Template For Car

The use of this template is both online and offline. The internet has changed everything, previously you have to have in that place to make transaction and to make the bill of sale as it requires the sign of both buyer and seller. You should value our money and the thing you are buying.

Click Here To Download Bill Of Sale Template for Car

Free Bill Of Sale Template For Car

Free Bill Of Sale Template For Car

This is essential to make the bill of sale by the seller. As this helps them in future to docile all the transactions. It is the fair means of doing the business and also there is separate law to maintain this. Any responsible citizen should not violate this and must take due care of all the necessary measures to ensure the law and order that has been made regarding this.

Bill Of Sale Template Free

Bill Of Sale Template Free

Gratuitously providing the bill of sale template so that all those who are running small business or are in the starting phase of the business, not able to make extra expenditure on the printing of this bill of sale book they can download this bill of sale free template. It would be economical to them and with that also it helps them to maintain their records and all the business transactions. With that they also fulfill the role of being a honest and responsible citizen, and that makes a great nation.

Download this bill of sale templates for free of charge. If you have any doubt or query then leave a comment below and we will be there to help and assist you.


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Fax Cover Sheet Template

The world has been dramatically changed by the innovation and invention. This innovation and invention are born out of the necessities of the human kind.  Fax is one of the examples of the human invention which has changed the communication speed of the world.

Telecopying /Telefax are synonyms of the Fax because the fax is merely a telephonic transmission of the printed material, scanned and transferred with the telephone number connected to printer or any other device. In  1842 development of first fax machine takes place. After that many inventions took place which changes the world drastically, but still the fax has not been obsolete till now and are still use for communicating.

Free Fax Cover Sheet

Free Fax Cover Sheet 

Now as there are multiple ways of communicating as well as sharing anything virtually, the use of fax has declined. Have you done faxing for any reason let us know in the comment box. Faxing is basically transmission or transfer of the documents from one place to another place.

Previously there is need of separate fax machine to complete the faxing process, but with evolution many things in the faxing have been changed. Now, you can send the fax online. Online faxing system has been introduced to reduce the extra effort and extra cost of using the fax machine. Faxing is free and also there is no geo restrictions in faxing.

Fax Cover Sheet

Fax Cover Sheet

Fax cover sheet is the essential part of the fax, whenever if you are sharing any important documents, papers you have to have the fax cover sheet to reduce the chances of err. You have to put the pristine fax cover sheet on the top of all documents in the fax machine before sending the fax.

Printable Fax Cover Sheet

Printable Fax Cover Sheet

You can use the fax templates by downloading and sending an online fax. The printable fax cover sheet template has been provided here is easily downloadable and printable free of charge. The sheet must be attached with the documents. All of these things are done to avoid err. You are getting these templates free of charge. Online faxing exemplifies the future we are gonna have with all around technologies.

Blank Fax Cover Sheet


Blank Fax Cover Sheet

This format is the best template for those who do not get satisfied with the given information in the printable fax sheet cover. So this blank fax cover sheet help them to construe their own wants and fulfills their requirements. This blank fax cover sheet would not crestfallen anybody because of its customization and versatile nature. But still in this blank fax cover sheet you have to fulfill all the details.

Fax Cover Sheet Free

Fax Cover Sheet Free

Putting a fax cover sheet is necessary not matter which way you are sending the fax. In this world of transitory stories and status, faxing is permanent and for long term. Fax provides meteoric speed in terms of transfer of documents and communication.Although we have so many ways to communicate but we still bolster the use of the fax. Download this fax cover sheets gratuitously.


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