BMI Chart Templates Download

BMI is the acronym of the Body Mass Index. BMI measures body fat on the basis of body weight with respect to height of that person. Calculating BMI not fully but a good indicator of your present health state. Factors like age, sex have no importance in the Printable BMI Table.

Get BMI Chart

BMI chart gives you a rough calculation and also tell you which range of the BMI is good and healthy. If you are in that range or set then your health is good. But if your BMI go beyond that set or below that set then it must be taken care of and you should work on your physical health.


What is BMI formula

BMI = x Kg/ (yM * yM)

x=weight of body in kilograms

y=height of person in meters

So, if we want to express this in words, we can say BMI is the ratio of the body weight in kg by the height in meter square.

BMI Equation

Unit of BMI is KG/M2

Using the BMI Formula in KG we can calculate values of the BMI and can easily compare it with BMI standard values. You can easily determine then whether you are healthy, underweight or overweight.

We understood the BMI Chart Templates. Using this BMI values now we will determine whether we are underweight, overweight or healthy.

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