Letter of Accomodation

A letter of accommodation is basically one which is required by anyone who is having any kind of disability for the request of any kind of accommodation which can support their current situation or we can also define accommodation as a letter written by owner of any property that a person on the arrival in your country or a visa applicant is securing a verified accommodation there.

Sample Accommodation Letter Format

If we talk about different cases or example in which one can be needed to write a accommodation letter then first case will be of a parent who is going to write a letter of accommodation for the school of their child on behalf of him for providing accommodation as he is suffering from leg injury. If you are also going write for this case then it is necessary that you provide a proper description for the disability of your child and it will be much good to attach a doctors note with it for better clarification. Although it is your and your child right to get accommodation on behalf of injury but still we recommend you to write the letter as a request in polite way not in the demanding way. You can download upcoming months calendar here if you are willing to plan your trip.


If we talk about the second case then we can also write letter of accommodation to your relative like if you are visa applicant who is going to visit united States and your relatives are already living there then a letter of accommodation can be written to them for confirming your stay at the time of visit to united states. As according to US law if you are visiting their then it is necessary that you should have a fixed address their for your residence. In such case it becomes important for you to confirm the name of visitor, country to which they belong and their passport number.

Sample Accommodation Letter To Employee

The last case about which we are going to discuss is of a person having disability and is on wheelchair can also write the letter of accommodation to their office asking for the wheelchair ramp or wheelchair facility their. This all will be the wish of interest of the office manager that he brought your notice in consideration and this will also make a productive workplace which is also loved by workers. Also you can see printable calendars here.

Before going to write the letter of accommodation you have to first of all be aware about some of the basic points which you should follow, below we are going to provide some sample accommodation letter with relevant points for your reference :


Sample Letter of Accommodation For Workplace

( Company address)

Capital enterprises

Wendy T. Herrera

745 old dear lane

Red hooke,

Salutation ( dear mam),

My name is John stames and i am working in Capital enterprises from last 20 years but now due to some circumstances i have been stabled on wheelchair that is why i am here writing you to provide me some accommodation so that i will be able to continue with my work on high productivity level. I have been worked for a long time with all my hard work for capital enterprises and i hope that my request is acceptable. I will be going to need

I wish to be shifted from 3rd floor to 1st floor which should be completely equipped with wheelchair.

I will like to have a permit for wheelchair parking so that i will be able to easily visit my office from parking area within less time.

I warmly thanks you for considering my requests and i am waiting to eagerly look from your side, i wish to get reply early.



Sample Letter of Accommodation For Workplace

Dear Mr. Peter,

It is an unfortunate news by which i want to inform you that i am suffering from sudden nerve damage and calcification in my shoulders that us why i wanted to seek some extra support from your side for transferring me to the ground floor so that will be able to serve customers with my all potential.

If i took too much still timing then it causes pain to my so i wish to get a short break each hour or it will be so kind of you if a junior assistant will assist me for help and i will provide more services to the customer.

If it is required then i will also provide you the doctor’s note and recommendations from doctor which is that i needed to rest my arms with short breaks.

I really loves to work in this competitive world with my full enthusiasm and looking forward to continue my work with team as a part of it.


Peter ( Sales assistant )

Sample Letter of Accommodation For School

To Mr. Edward

As you already know that my child Frederick has met with a car accident previously some months ago and with after facing so much difficult situations he is coping up to get back with normal life on a wheelchair as he is not allowed to use any of his legs. We wanted him to get back to school with no loss in studies therefore we wanted to allow him wheelchair access during school hours or in class.

Frederick is capable of using his wheelchair by own, he can push or pull doors, move by own but still he requires some support or assistance for his safety measures.

He is very eager to get back to his school with full enthusiasm and excitement for learning and getting knowledge.

If there is any requirement for meeting with us then we can be contacted on 543579865.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. James

So, here we give you all of the necessary details related to the letter of accommodation which will going to help you in writing a perfect letter. Here, above we have also provided you some samples for the letter of accommodation which will give you a complete reference.

We hope that by working with it you will not be going to face any problem while writing a letter of accommodation to anyone.

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