Free Printable Daily Planner For 2019

Hey all the ebullient people out there, how are you doing. We are here with the Daily planner, this planner is idiosyncratic in its own way. This daily planner is the paragon of the planners. The daily planners helps you to make the goals daily and helps you to eradicate the time waste. We are providing this planner by extrapolating the demand of our viewers who wants the daily planners. Download the daily planner 2019. While taking about 2019 Calendar Template Word / Excel/ PDF user use these templates as compared to daily planner but it’s obviously the preference, so we have provided you with different samples below.

Daily Planner 2019

Daily Planner 2018

Each and everyday counts. One year is made of 365 days, if you would be able to properly manage your day then as the result your year will be managed automatically. I want to embellish this point by stating that all big things start with a small steps and each and every steps must be taken diligently. There would be not any variance in you if you do not do something different. Download Daily Planner 2019.

2019 Daily Planner

2018 Daily Planner

Source of Daily Planner Template

This daily planners are malleable and versatile according to its user. Although the concept of the calendar is archaic, this daily, weekly planners came to existence recently.

Let me ask you one question!! If we lived forever and life was not transitory, do you think we would appreciate the life less or more? let me know in the comments.

This transitory form of life makes it more important for us to use the time more deliberately. Download the Daily Planner 2019 starting from January itself.

 Planner for 2019

 Planner for 2018

This is the perfect day planner. Look this daily planner, if you start using this calendar daily and working upon you then you can change quickly. This planner gives you separate columns for every hour, for your goals, for the meal to be taken, for the water to drink. Although filling this daily planner may seem to be industrious work, but I assure you that with in days you will develop a habit of maintaining of this planner.

You can easily prioritize your work and thinking. You can find time for yourself and most tellingly for your family.
In the given template you can put the respective date and if you want to save paper then you can use pencils so that next day you can easily rub off and can start a new day. Download the Planner for 2018.

Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Template


If you want to live an unprecedented life then you have to do all those things which you have never done before. The Guru Mantra to achieve that unprecedented life is the power of ONE.

Swami Vivekananda said ” Take up one idea. Make that idea your life-think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

You cannot tell where the journey will end but you know where you have to start. You can start with this planner. This planner is the best way to start, with this planner you can made your complicated life simple. You have the upper hand, you decide your day and the work before the day starts. Download this Daily planner gratuitously.


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5+ Free Weekly Planner Templates

Hey folks, are you looking for the Weekly Planner Templates or any good tool to schedule your time and work then you land up at right place. Here we are providing you 5 ‘weekly calendar templates’ synonym of the ‘personal calendar templates’. This calendar templates is easy to use, customizable, versatile and tailor fit.

Weekly Planner Templates

Weekly Planner Templates

The main problem of the human is that we do not value all those things which we got for free. We forgot to laud and care about the time and hence ourselves. We all are bounded by time and space. The time if once gone would never come back. Its like the flowing river, you cannot touch the same water twice. The Weekly planner template is specially made to protect your precious time by reminding you the work to do, the goal to accomplish. Download this WEEKLY PLANNER TEMPLATES for free from here.

Weekly Schedule Templates

Weekly Schedule Templates

There is a beautiful relation between time and work. Let me explain the synopsis to you:

If you do the right work at the wrong time, then the work done is wrong.
If you do the wrong work at the right time, then also the work is wrong.
If you do the wrong work at the wrong time, then you are on the wrong track.
You have to do the right work at the right time to get your work done right and correct.

This is so important to understand the permutation of the time and work which will reap of the true and fruitful benefit to you. Everybody is busy with their respective work and schedule, but few of them know the perfect permutation of the time and work. Those who know, there is less chance that they know how to execute them.

These WEEKLY SCHEDULE TEMPLATES are one of the tools that could help you to achieve the perfect permutation of  the time and work. You can use this template to write down your goals and also you will be guided and bounded by the time.

Weekly Hour Planner Template


Weekly Hour Planner Template

Every big things start with the small steps and with a vision. The small steps are inevitable part of the big steps. You have to take those small steps. All this Weekly planner templates may seems to be analogous but there are many differences and if you start using this planner then you can easily identify and notify the difference. Download this WEEKLY HOUR PLANNER TEMPLATE for free from here.

Personal Planner Templates

Personal Planner Templates

The reason being why I am advocating this weekly planner and exhorting you to download the planner because time is uncompromising. You should properly channelized it to reach the pinnacle of your goal. The path to serene life is to make today better. This PERSONAL PLANNER TEMPLATES help you to reach and accomplish your goals. Download this personal planner template.

Weekly Schedule Template

 Weekly Schedule Template

This idea of the Weekly Planner derive from the need of the people to achieve and meet the goal in the short term. You can keep your mundane work here to banish yourself from remembering all the work you have to accomplish. This way you can go ahead. You have minimum mental pressure and this helps you to put your concentration on other works. Download this WEEKLY SCHEDULE TEMPLATE gratuitously.


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Letter of Accomodation

A letter of accommodation is basically one which is required by anyone who is having any kind of disability for the request of any kind of accommodation which can support their current situation or we can also define accommodation as a letter written by owner of any property that a person on the arrival in your country or a visa applicant is securing a verified accommodation there.

Sample Accommodation Letter Format

If we talk about different cases or example in which one can be needed to write a accommodation letter then first case will be of a parent who is going to write a letter of accommodation for the school of their child on behalf of him for providing accommodation as he is suffering from leg injury. If you are also going write for this case then it is necessary that you provide a proper description for the disability of your child and it will be much good to attach a doctors note with it for better clarification. Although it is your and your child right to get accommodation on behalf of injury but still we recommend you to write the letter as a request in polite way not in the demanding way. You can download upcoming months calendar here if you are willing to plan your trip.


If we talk about the second case then we can also write letter of accommodation to your relative like if you are visa applicant who is going to visit united States and your relatives are already living there then a letter of accommodation can be written to them for confirming your stay at the time of visit to united states. As according to US law if you are visiting their then it is necessary that you should have a fixed address their for your residence. In such case it becomes important for you to confirm the name of visitor, country to which they belong and their passport number.

Sample Accommodation Letter To Employee

The last case about which we are going to discuss is of a person having disability and is on wheelchair can also write the letter of accommodation to their office asking for the wheelchair ramp or wheelchair facility their. This all will be the wish of interest of the office manager that he brought your notice in consideration and this will also make a productive workplace which is also loved by workers. Also you can see printable calendars here.

Before going to write the letter of accommodation you have to first of all be aware about some of the basic points which you should follow, below we are going to provide some sample accommodation letter with relevant points for your reference :


Sample Letter of Accommodation For Workplace

( Company address)

Capital enterprises

Wendy T. Herrera

745 old dear lane

Red hooke,

Salutation ( dear mam),

My name is John stames and i am working in Capital enterprises from last 20 years but now due to some circumstances i have been stabled on wheelchair that is why i am here writing you to provide me some accommodation so that i will be able to continue with my work on high productivity level. I have been worked for a long time with all my hard work for capital enterprises and i hope that my request is acceptable. I will be going to need

I wish to be shifted from 3rd floor to 1st floor which should be completely equipped with wheelchair.

I will like to have a permit for wheelchair parking so that i will be able to easily visit my office from parking area within less time.

I warmly thanks you for considering my requests and i am waiting to eagerly look from your side, i wish to get reply early.



Sample Letter of Accommodation For Workplace

Dear Mr. Peter,

It is an unfortunate news by which i want to inform you that i am suffering from sudden nerve damage and calcification in my shoulders that us why i wanted to seek some extra support from your side for transferring me to the ground floor so that will be able to serve customers with my all potential.

If i took too much still timing then it causes pain to my so i wish to get a short break each hour or it will be so kind of you if a junior assistant will assist me for help and i will provide more services to the customer.

If it is required then i will also provide you the doctor’s note and recommendations from doctor which is that i needed to rest my arms with short breaks.

I really loves to work in this competitive world with my full enthusiasm and looking forward to continue my work with team as a part of it.


Peter ( Sales assistant )

Sample Letter of Accommodation For School

To Mr. Edward

As you already know that my child Frederick has met with a car accident previously some months ago and with after facing so much difficult situations he is coping up to get back with normal life on a wheelchair as he is not allowed to use any of his legs. We wanted him to get back to school with no loss in studies therefore we wanted to allow him wheelchair access during school hours or in class.

Frederick is capable of using his wheelchair by own, he can push or pull doors, move by own but still he requires some support or assistance for his safety measures.

He is very eager to get back to his school with full enthusiasm and excitement for learning and getting knowledge.

If there is any requirement for meeting with us then we can be contacted on 543579865.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. James

So, here we give you all of the necessary details related to the letter of accommodation which will going to help you in writing a perfect letter. Here, above we have also provided you some samples for the letter of accommodation which will give you a complete reference.

We hope that by working with it you will not be going to face any problem while writing a letter of accommodation to anyone.

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Building Construction Estimate Spreadsheet Excel Download

Work is not so easy in building construction estimate spreadsheet excel download because it needs to keep all the details about all the things and documents of every single issue. All the work done under building construction is very precise manner because if there is the delay in any work than it can create problems for both contractor and owner, it may result in the legal action with wastage of time and money. So, it is very important to work properly and stay successive in this work especially of construction bid template free excel.

Free Construction Cost Estimate Excel Template

Microsoft Excel is the really very easy way to organize free construction estimate template excel, in this work who should keep the details of all the things that should be used or when will be used with the explanation. In the excel there are boxes which are also known as cell made of rows and columns where you can feed all the necessary data according to you. It is really a very easy and less time-consuming work which helps to prepare the chart of costumer as well as the contractor with their name and contact details.

How to Use Construction Template

To save our time and to make the work easy you can use the building construction template which you can get from our website by downloading it. Now after getting the template, you have to follow the steps that are given below:

1.) All the important item should be noted that will important for further details.

2) Attach all the fixed price of all the line item.

3) Calculate the total amount and number of line items and also get it rechecked by another party.

4) To get final price don’t forget to apply your standard markup.

Before proceeding any things you should make sure by checking again and again that you have done your work properly because your one mistakes can get problems for everyone i.e. contractor and owner.

Various Construction Templates

  1. Construction work estimate template: these templates are important for only basic layout or for the simple job.
  2. Construction proposal contract template: this template is also for the basic layout which is used by subcontractors and suppliers.
  3. Estimating and budgeting spreadsheet: this template is used for the checklist for estimating or a checklist for budgeting which can be downloaded in word as well as in excel formats.
  4. Construction budget template: there are many uses of this template and it is mainly used for constructing budget template which can remodify and rebuild according to use.
  5. Bid tabulation template: this template help to make the table of bid point from initial to final bid point in your excel sheet.
  6. Construction estimate template: there are many materials or other things which need at the time of construction so, these templates pr spreadsheet of that another thing with another cost that comes with the construction project.
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